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Platte Institute Celebrates the Historic Passage of LB 16, Setting a New Standard for Workforce Development in Nebraska

Platte Institute

OMAHA, NE — In a landmark victory for workforce development and economic growth, the Platte Institute announces the final legislative approval of LB 16, a transformative bill that promises to significantly enhance Nebraska's approach to professional licensing. Championed by Senator Danielle Conrad, with strong support from a coalition of bipartisan legislators, LB 16 has now successfully passed final reading in the Nebraska Legislature, marking a monumental achievement during this session. 

LB 16, known for its innovative provisions, will revolutionize the way Nebraska recognizes professional licenses obtained in other states, as well as provide a path for individuals with discharged criminal records to engage fully in their chosen professions. This legislation is a critical component of the Platte Institute's ongoing efforts to dismantle unnecessary barriers to employment and entrepreneurship, ensuring a more inclusive and dynamic workforce. 

Jim Vokal, Chief Executive Officer of the Platte Institute, reflected on this significant accomplishment, stating, "The passage of LB 16 represents a watershed moment for Nebraska, affirming our state's commitment to building a more inclusive, skilled, and resilient workforce. This is not just a legislative victory; it's a bold statement that Nebraska values talent, hard work, and the transformative power of redemption. We are setting a new standard for workforce development by throwing down the red carpet and welcoming new workers to help fill the unmet demand in our economy. I look forward to Governor Pillen promptly signing this legislation to improve our economy and empower our workforce." 

The successful passage of LB 16 positions Nebraska as a leader among states actively working to attract and retain top talent by acknowledging the qualifications and experiences of individuals from diverse backgrounds. This forward-thinking approach is expected to catalyze economic growth, enhance community wellbeing, and fortify Nebraska's position as a state that welcomes and supports the aspirations of all its residents. 

As LB 16 awaits the Governor's signature, the Platte Institute remains committed to its mission of promoting policies that foster economic freedom and opportunity. This legislative milestone underscores the Institute's pivotal role in shaping a future where every Nebraskan can achieve their full potential.