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Jessa Yager named 2020-2021 NCPA Middle School Teacher of the Year

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*Full Interview With Mrs. Yager Below*


Barr Middle School teacher Jessa Yager has been named the 2020-2021 Nebraska College Preparatory (NCPA) Middle School Teacher of the Year.

“I’m incredibly humbled and honored that my past students think so highly of me!” said Yager. “They know they are my ‘kiddos for life,’ because each year I express how I am now their teacher for life and a person they can count on for years to come.


“I have written so many NCPA recommendation letters I've lost count, and seeing so many of them receive scholarships and guidance through the program is reward enough. Receiving this award is amazing and has boosted my confidence. It helped validate my pedagogy and art of teaching. I needed it more in this very moment than these kids will ever know.”


Barr Middle School Principal Josué Covarrubias said that Mrs. Yager “is a phenomenal teacher who is a great advocate for our students and is extremely deserving of this award.” He added that students and staff “love” working with her.


“Being a hybrid-teacher in this pandemic year has filled me full of doubt, frustration, and exhaustion as I've attempted to reach my in-person and virtual students in the same effective ways as years past,” Yager said. “I am blessed to have such thoughtful students — past and present — who care enough to recognize all my efforts for reaching their potential. This award has truly energized me to feel like ‘me’ again.”

Jessa yager

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