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Photo Credit: Nebraska Schools Activities Association Photo Credit: Nebraska Schools Activities Association

GICC Claims Class C & Boys NSAA Cup Awards

Photo Credit: Nebraska Schools Activities Association Photo Credit: Nebraska Schools Activities Association

(Lincoln, NE) - The Nebraska School Activities Association (NSAA) is pleased to announce the final standings for the NSAA Cup, the NSAA All-Activities Award for Nebraska high schools. The annual awards program began in the fall of 2006 to recognize the state’s most successful high school athletic and fine arts programs, presents awards to the 12 Nebraska high schools which earn the most points during the school year by participating in NSAA education-based activity programs. This all-activities (fine arts and sports), all-school recognition platform recognizes the “Best of the Best” each year in NSAA programs. The NSAA Cup is presented to the winning schools in the four classes of the All-School Division, Girls Division and Boys Division during special ceremonies the following fall.

NSAA Cup Details & Point System

Each year the NSAA recognizes the most successful activities programs in the state with the NSAA Cup.
Winners are determined by a point system based on participation in NSAA education-based activities and
performance in state championship events within each division and class. Music, which does not have a statelevel event, earns points based on participation at the district music contest.
The boys and girls competition in each class features schools earning participation and performance points
from their respective activities. In the All-School Division, schools receive participation points for each of its
NSAA registered programs and earn additional points for placing in NSAA Championship events.
All schools, which finish in the top eight positions (plus any ties) in a State Championship event, receive points.
In activities’ Championships involving cooperative agreements, each of the schools in the cooperative will earn
the points for that respective event providing they have at least one student participating on the cooperative
varsity team.
In playoff events involving teams in a split classification, the same top eight positions in that event’s class (ex.
D1 and D2) will earn full points for their class competition. If there are fewer than eight schools from a
classification in the event, only those schools represented, are eligible to receive points. Championship
performance points are awarded for all activities championship events as follows:

• First place – 50 points
• Second place - 45 points
• Third place - 40 points
• Fourth place - 35 points
• Fifth place – 30 points
• Sixth place – 25 points
• Seventh place – 20 points
• Eighth place – 15 points

Complete Results HERE

Class A - School - Lincoln East 

Class A Boys - Lincoln East 

Class A Girls - Lincoln Southwest 

Class B - School - Skutt Catholic 

Class B Boys - Skutt Catholic 

Class B Girls - Elkhorn North 

Class C - School - Grand Island Central Catholic 

Class C Boys - Grand Island Central Catholic 

Class C Girls - Columbus Scotus 

Class D - School - North Platte St Patrick's 

Class D Boys - North Platte St Patrick's 

Class D Girls - Archbishop Bergan 



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