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GI Police Report

News media report for: 06/19/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.

Offense: Terroristic Threats

Victim: 42 year old female Incident #: L24061671
Offender: Luke Pfeifer
Date and Time of Incident: 6/18/24 @ 21:30
Location of Incident: 3113 North Front
Brief Narrative: On 06/18/2024 officers responded to 3113 North Front St, in response to a disturbance. Upon arriving officers spoke to all parties involved. It was reported that Luke Pfeifer was witnessed raising a knife to the victims throat. This action caused the victim to become fearful and afraid. The victim reported that she is in a constant state of fear and unrest from Pfeifer's actions. While speaking with officers Luke used an electronic nicotine vape numerous times. Luke is under the age of 21. Luke Pfeifer was arrested for Terroristic Threats, Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a Felony and Tobacco/Electronic Nicotine Use Under 21.

Offense: Drugs
Victim: Incident #: L24061607
Offender: Michael Holman
Date and Time of Incident: 6/18/24 @ 11:24
Location of Incident: 1124 W 2nd St
Brief Narrative: Officers received a report of a male ingesting drugs in the GI Public Library. After arrival, officers contacted Michael Holman and found him to be in possession of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia. Michael was arrested and transported to HCDC, where he was arrested for Possession Controlled Substance and Possession Drug Paraphernalia.

Offense: Attempted Blackmail
Victim: 23 year old male Incident #: L24061685
Date and Time of Incident: 6/19/24 @ 01:00
Location of Incident: 818 W 1st St
Brief Narrative: Reported party advised someone is attempting to blackmail him for money. Investigation is ongoing.