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GI Man Arrested After Shooting

Grand Island Police Car 1 

News media report for: 02/29/24
All crimes reported in this news media report are felonies for the past 24 hours. For more information on reports, please contact Capt. Dean Elliott.
Offense: Weapon Offense
Victim: Ken’s Auto Service, 63 year old female, 26 year old male Incident #: L24022337
Offender: Troy Behnken
Date and Time of Incident: 2/28/24 @ 22:54
Location of Incident: 823 W Anna St
Brief Narrative: Troy Behnken exited his apartment and shot his shotgun numerous times across the road at a tow truck driver who was unloading a vehicle at Ken's Auto. The owner of the vehicle was located in her pickup near the tow truck and also in the line of fire from Troy's shotgun. Troy's shotgun rounds hit the front windows of Ken's Auto as well as two different vehicles on the property causing the above listed damage. He also hit a coaxial cable to his building causing damage. Though officers made announcements over the PA system for Troy to come outside, he refused to leave his residence until a warrant was acquired for his arrest and officers forced entry into his home to arrest him. Troy Behnken was arrested for Attempt of Class 2 Felony x2, Use of a Firearm to Commit a Felony x2, Criminal Mischief $501 to $1499 x3 and Criminal Mischief $0-500.