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Grand Island Police Car 1 

Assault Leads To Arrest

Grand Island Police Car 1 

Saturday officers with the Grand Island police department responded to 306 E 4th St regarding an active disturbance in which a male with a knife hurt two people. 

Upon arrival, officers contacted a male, later identified as Maynor Mejia Morales, spattered with blood. Morales ignored officer’s commands and began to flee into the house. Officers deployed a Taser and he  was detained.

Officers spoke with several witnesses and victims who provided corroborating statements.

Morales had broken several bottles, then used the glass shards to cause bodily injury to two people.

He then retrieved a knife and chased another man and an 11 year

old female through the backyard. 

Inside his apartment, officers located an 18 year old male unconscious, under the influence of alcohol. Morales stated he had invited the 18 year old male over to his residence to drink.

Morales was placed under arrest for two counts of Second Degree Assault, 2 counts of Terroristic Threats, Use of a Deadly Weapon to Commit a felony, Obstruction & Procuring Alcohol for a Minor.


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